Previous Adult Art Classes

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Watercolor/Water-based Painting
with Dr. Mary Ann Culotta

Instructor: Dr. Mary Ann Culotta
June 13-July 25, 2017 (no class on July 4th)
Tuesdays from 4:00 to 6:00 pm

Cost: $180 for the 6 week class
Ages: 16 and up

This six week watercolor/water-based painting class will explore basic brush strokes and painting skills along with exciting experimental techniques. Participants will be able to choose either watercolor or acrylic paints as their medium.  The class will offer the opportunity to work in a realistic or expressionistic way using a variety of subject matter or abstraction.  There will be artist demonstrations, group interaction through critique, and individualized instruction meeting the needs of each participant’s entry level of painting. Space One Eleven hopes you will join artist and art educator of Jefferson County Schools and Samford University, Mary Ann Culotta, in this relaxing and creative class!

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Tuesday Art Talks
Let’s Talk About Art and Its History


Dates: January 17-March 28, 2017 
Tuesdays from 1:00 to 2:30 pm

Cost: $100
Ages: 16 and up

A learning experience rather than a course, talks will be based upon the history of art of the Western World, comparing and contrasting works of art over time. Modern Art finds its beginning in the Renaissance and a rebirth of the arts and sciences of Classical civilization. Yet it was the 18th century Enlightenment that served as an impetus for modernity that propelled the connections, transitions, and changes that continue to affect the art of today. This look at artists responding to the socio-political, economic, and artistic environment of their times will enable a recall of history itself, an additional extension beyond the world of art. Based upon an art history course, there are no tests and no grades, meant to encourage exchanges in ideas for those who want to learn more in order to remember what might have been forgotten.