Support Space One Eleven’s Mission

The mission of Space One Eleven is to provide support for visual artists and to educate the public to their importance and to the value of contemporary art. A cornerstone of the organization since its founding in 1986 is the payment of fees to artists and a commitment to artistic freedom.

We are asking for your financial support toward the many community oriented programs organized by Space One Eleven. Your financial contribution to Space One Eleven will have such a positive impact on the children and artists that we serve.

For three-decades Space One Eleven has been a leader in innovative visual arts — presenting exhibitions addressing issues faced by Birmingham and the South and promoting Birmingham-based artists at every turn. Your contribution is an investment in expanding our work as we continue to move Birmingham to the forefront of the contemporary art world.

Space One Eleven thanks the following donors for making a difference:

Jonie Adams, Suzan Adderholt, Alabama Dance Council, Alabama Humanities Foundation, Alabama State  Council on the Arts, Margaret and Bruce Alexander, Melissa Altmann, Amber Anderson, Gail Andrews and Richard Marchase, Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Sara Armstrong, Anne and Warren Arrasmith, Rachel Ashcraft, Peggy and Michael Balliet, Bonnie and Mike Battle, Joyce Benington, Eloise and Davis Bennett, Ann Benton, Anne and Neal Berte, Anne and William Blackerby, Florence Blair, Bloom Studios, Alice Bowsher, Nina and Paul Brock, Jane Marshall and Bert Brouwer, William Brown, Commissioner Sandra Little Brown, Bill Bryant, The Florence S. and William J. Cabaniss Advised Fund, Martha Chitwood, Tammy Cohen and Richard Carnaggio, Brooke Coleman, Robin and Phil Collins, Charles B. Collins, Jr., Susan Colvin, Community Foundation of Greater  Birmingham, Jan and Robert Connor, Sarah Cooper, Anita Cord, Kathryn and Allen Corey, Cosmos Pizza, Celina Costa, Larry Crenshaw, Paula and Francis Crockard, Mary Ann Culotta, Patsy and Bobby  Cummings, Linda and Coleman Daniel, The Daniel Foundation of Alabama, Lorne Dann, Stewart Dansby, Linda DeRocher, Sharon DeVaney-Lovinguth, The Dobbins Foundation, Charlotte Dominick, Rebecca and Jack Drake, Patsy and Alan Dreher, Bill Duffey, Dunn Foundation, EBSCO Industries, Inc., The Elizabeth Firestone Graham Foundation, Beverly and Stanley Erdreich, Kaydee Erdreich-Breman, Kit and Mac Fairley, Kim and Robin Fipps, Scott Fisk, Axana Foster, Allen Frame, Porshia and Derrick Franklin, Cathy and Paul Friedman, Jonathan Fuller, Pat Pat and Randy Gachet, A. H.  Gaede, Gallery Services, Lady Jane Gillespie, Alex Goldsmith, Carolyn and Rusty Goldsmith, Beverly and Thomas Goldsmith, Gillian and Mike Goodrich, The Mike and Gillian Goodrich Foundation, Frances and Miller Gorrie, The Gratitude Foundation, Mary Rose Gray, Melanie and Jay Grinney, Guin, Stokes, and Evans LLC, Sally Harper, Haynes Downard, LLP, Virginia and John Hillhouse, Carey and Bill Hinds, Barbara Hirschowitz, Brenda and William Howell, Councilor Steven  Hoyt, Jamie Hubbard, Mary Gray and Hugh Hunter, Yin and Stan Ingram, Jemison Investment Co., Inc., Rosemary Johnson, Sarah and Roger Jones, The Jones Family Fund, The Joseph S. Bruno Charitable Foundation, Susan Justice, Nancy and Joseph Kanter, Katie Kauffman, Duke Kimbrough, Rita and Sol Kimerling Family Advised Fund, Sheryl and Jon Kimerling Family Fund, Vicki Farley and Charles Kinnaird, Martee and Emory Kirkwood, Julia Kjelgaard and Stephen Dobson, Janice Kluge, Robin and Bart Kolber, Lauren and Matt Lake, Joe Larussa, John Lauriello, Tara  Lee, Ina Leonard, Cheryl and Ethan Lewis, Diane and Alan Litsey, Betty Loeb, Rick Lowe, Donna MacMillan, Cecilia Matthews, Charles  McCallum, Caroline McCarter, Doug McCraw, Bill Miller, Leslie Miller, Joan Mitchell Foundation, Cheryl Morgan, Susan Mott Webb Charitable Trust, Lisa Mount, Susan Nading, National Endowment for the Arts, National Performance Network/Visual Artists Network, Cindy Wilkins and binx newton, Kate and Claude Nielsen, Diane and John North, Ericka and John Northrop, Carol and Bill Nunnelley, Jo Ellen O’Hara and Jim Rawls, Shirley Osband, Becky Patterson, Suzanne and Jerry Perkins, David Philpot, Karen and Joel Piassick, Mary Pike, Patty Pilkerton, HaRhonda Pinkney, Andrea and Randall Pitts, Jayne and Jim Pool, Bette and Fred Powell, Jessica Powers and Marc Solomon, Mary and Richard Powers, Art and Caren Price, Betsy and Peter E. Printz, Katheren Prinz, Mary and Peter Prinz, Protective Life, Susan and Lee Reeves, Beebe and David Roberts, Mae and Webb Robertson, Kitty Robinson, Judy and Fred Rogers, Rojo, Barbara and Stuart Royal, Kit Samford, Department of Art – Samford University, Mary Ann and Larry Sampson, Nancy Sare, Valerie and David Sarver, Leigh and Jack Schniper, June and Paul Schorr, Virginia Scruggs, Julia Matson and Bob Shelton, Babbie and Waid Shelton, Carolyn Sherer and Jean O’Neal, Nancy Skinner, Slice Pizza, Garland and Lathrop Smith, Bud Smith, Erin and Adam Snyder, Robin Snyder, Lydia Cheney and Jim Sokol, Patricia Sprague, Camille Spratling, Caitlin Stadt, Susie and Scott Stephens, Susan Strickland, Katherine Stutts, Amanda and Phillip Sulzby, Elaine Swoger, Target Foundation, Anne Forschler-Tarrasch and Jürgen Tarrasch, Dottie Thomas, Randy Thomas and Henry Levens, Brian Thompson, Amy Nichols and Larry Thompson, Valerie  Thompson, Leah Thornton, Gary Hill and Alan Tichansky, Sandy and Doug Tilt, Marquis Timmons, Scott and Amy Tully, Mimi and Bill Tynes, Urban Standard, Connie and Marshall Urist, Kay Vinson, Cameron and Scott Vowell, Carolyn and Robin Wade, Paige Wainwright, Sally and Peter Waite, Diane and Dennis Wammack, Jocelyn and Bryan Warren, MK Wegmann, Wells Fargo, Patti and Alton Whitt, Whole Foods, Vikki and Robert Willis, Mary Kay and Tommy Wilson, Cathy Wright, Louise and John Wrinkle, YMCA